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#Noobi-Heaven time capsule

Hello everyone. Everyday I, ROCKNROLLKID, think about the past times here in Noobi Heaven, and there isn't one second of the day where I don't wish for it all back. I decided to create this time capsule, so that when Noobi Heaven is not around anymore, we can still have its memories.

September 7, 2004. I joined Noobi Heaven here. I don't know anything before that other then Noobi Heaven became a Team Fortress Classic server sometime in 2002, I believe sometime in summer. Before Noobi Heaven was introduced in Team Fortress Classic, it was a Counter Strike server. After sometime, Noobi Heaven was not fit for Counter Strike and was moved to Team Fortress Classic for better customization and modifications. During its Team Fortress Classic times, the most popular map played was the original mecklenburg map, the deathmatch version. I remember meeting players like Rampart, Lethal, and Airbond, very old and former Noobi Heaven members. Airbond use to be a very good thieft at the time. Rampart was a 1337 cop, could catch anyone no matter the situation. Lethal, I believe played a mix of terrorist and civilian most of the time. I don't know what happened to these guys after deathmatch mecklenburg was no more.

Sometime, between these periods, Mecklenburg deathmatch was replaced with Mecklenburg role play and many of the old Noobi Heaven community left, but lucky, new members joined and a new era began. The time capsule jumps to December 27, 2006.

December 27, 2006. Noobi Heaven clan was born. It started with just Orangensaft and Nectarine at first. After sometime, more people joined and Noobi Heaven clan became global with open matchs to other clans.

Janurary 9, 2007. Noobi Heaven forums was born. It started with More, Darklaiz, Bloodpatch, and Orangensaft, but it wasn't long before others were alerted. Soon the offical Noobi Heaven community was born.

Janurary 14, 2008. The greatest roleplay happened. It was a dictator army lead by More vs a Rebel army lead by Gordan Fishman.

Janurary 29, 2008. The Noobi Heaven Team Fortress Classic League (NHTFCL) was born. It was made to spread the Noobi Heaven clans farther into other Team Fortress Classic servers.

March 14, 2008. Noobi Heaven 3 was born, made by Bloodpatch. It delivered fun, conc, and escape maps.

May 16, 2008. Chilldragon and More create a pirate role play map. It was designed after Mecklenburg database crashed and was only accessible to privilaged people. At the time, very few laid eyes on it.

October 7, 2008. Noobi Heaven Teamspeak server is born. This was a device for fast communications and helped bring us together.

November 16, 2008. The second revision of Mecklenburg was created. Noobi Heaven 4 began.

January 24, 2009. Noobi Heaven 2 shuts down. The housing server of the Noobi Heaven clans is no more.

April 14, 2009. Noobi Heaven expands to World of Warcraft.

May 31, 2009. The Noobi Heaven clan played their last game of the Noobi Heaven Team Fortress Classic League against the ~Xeno-Project~. Orangensaft decided to set the official clan status to inactive because of lack of interest.

June 19, 2009. The offical Noobi Heaven clan ends here.

July 8, 2009. Noobi Heaven Team Fortress Classic League dies. The last of the Noobi Heaven clans have ended here. Noobi Heaven starts to go downhill from here.

December 1, 2009. Orangensaft hoped to get some of the Noobi Heaven clan back together and play the Xenomorphs for their nine year anniversary. Well, it didn't go as well as anyone had hoped for, but at least we got Dexter and KiLlEr from the longer-lasting community to join.

February 25, 2011. The third revision of Mecklenburg began. This time, it didn't last long.

February 26, 2012. One of the best Xenomorphs vs Noobi Heaven in a long run. A friendly match against the Xenos.

May 10, 2012 to July 5, 2010. The Noobi Heaven clan participated in the 23rd Wireplay Team Fortress Classic League season and finished 7th. This was our first 8v8 league. The Wireplay game against the Xenomorphs is the last game the Noobi Heaven clan has played, so far.

Noobi Heaven's current state. Not much happened after last date other than a few minor times Noobi Heaven was played on. The forums seems to be very inactive and much of the community is not around anymore. There are a few of us who are, though, and are willing to watch Noobi Heaven be reborn again. Someday, Noobi Heaven will raise again, weither it is in Team Fortress Classic or not.